Wake up people, it’s 2019. No one should be mistreated, particularly in the workplace.

This week as I was checking out of my hotel, I watched a lady handle a customer service issue with someone on the hotel staff. She did an upstanding job. Afterwards as I was checking out, a maintenance worker interrupted us. He needed something handled right then. The lady asked him to give her a moment to finish checking me out then she would be right with him, but he wouldn’t stop. He became angry and started yelling at her. He chewed her out, telling her she was going to be fired and would talk to the manager about her. He stormed off. I felt so bad for her I apologized and complimented her for maintaining her composure through the ordeal. She told me not to worry about it because it happens all the time. I was shocked! I asked her why she puts up with it, and she said it comes from the owner down. He doesn’t respect or allow women to be in positions of authority. He treats women throughout the company this way. So, his employees do as he does. I can’t even tell you how disappointed and angry I was. How can this be acceptable? How many people are turning a blind eye? How many others are being discriminated against? Who else is targeted? I know there are two sides to every story, and I only had a small glance into this work environment; but, come on people, it’s 2019.

The ONLY positive thing I heard come out of the lady’s mouth afterwards was she was working on her resume. Lady, I wish you the best of luck in your job hunt. I’m glad you’re not staying there. Don’t stay where you’re not wanted or appreciated, and certainly don’t accept discrimination.

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