Cookie Cutter

The “Cookie cutter” approach.

A common issue I see with managers is what I refer to as the cookie cutter approach. Managers tend to group everyone in the same box and treat them exactly the same. A lot have seen this example from the bosses they've had, and some are fresh out of school where they’ve been taught it. The traditional thoughts have always been to treat everyone the same and to be fair and consistent. Don’t get me wrong here, I sincerely believe in equality for race, sex, religion or sexual orientation, and for treating people fairly; but people are different. They may think, feel and react differently in similar situations. As a manager you have to learn to tailor your communication to the individual, while still maintaining a fair and equal work environment. I know that sounds hard but it’s truly not difficult if you just take time to talk to and get to understand your people. Once you truly understand them and their internal motivations, you’ll begin to see things from their perspective. It will become far easier for you to lead and motivate them, and as your communication with them gets better, it’ll be far easier for them to be successful as well.

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